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About us

PhDconsult is driven by Marie Klaren and Ruben Verheul. We look forward to meet and learn with you. Meanwhile, here is some preliminary getting to know us:


Marie KlarenMarie is an independent coach for personal and professional development and co-founder of PhDconsult. During her career at Leiden University she was entrusted with positions such as projectmanager, senior policy advisor and businessmanager. At present, her activities include teaching projectmanagement skills and leadership to professionals. Trainees and colleagues qualify her as committed and sharp. You will find more regarding Marie’s background and interests in her LinkedIn profile.


Ruben Verheul, trainer, PhDconsultRuben once drowned in an ocean of time called ‘doing a PhD’. He has, however, resurfaced and is active as independent advisor, writer and lecturer in academic skills. PhDconsult is his way to give something back to science: empowering PhD’s with a firmer grip on their projects. Ruben has an open mind and a sense of humour. His style could be described as somewhat provocative (and his LinkedIn profile as hopelessly outdated).